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The Tip of the Iceberg

We are a community of book lovers who wish to explore global literature beyond the mainstream reading lists.

You are one of us if you:

  • enjoy reading and socializing;
  • would like to get oriented in the vast ocean of the world literature;
  • aim at self-growth and development;
  • want to learn about other cultures and get inspired.

Why The Tip of the Iceberg? The iceberg has only one eighth visible above the water and seven eighth deep down in the ocean. Choosing the authors to read, we often opt for books that are well-advertised, well-known and are written in major world languages. The authors we read make up only the tip of the iceberg of global literature in its cultural diversity and unique national colouring. Why not try and see the whole iceberg – majestic and hidden under the surface?

What you can expect at our meetings:

We read in Russian, each one at their own pace and to their own taste, and learn about unfamiliar or vaguely familiar national literatures. We move not from book to book, or author to author, but from country to country. We immerse into the literature of one nation, adapt to it, and find our place there. We read not only books, but also literary magazines – that is where newly translated works appear first. By all means, we talk about the cultural background of the books and find areas of intercultural interaction. At the meetings we:

  • share impressions of the books we have read – exchange recommendations and make joint book reviews;
  • read excerpts together and quote most effective parts;
  • discuss the authors chosen for the group homework;
  • make presentations about the cultural background;
  • prepare surprising facts about the authors, genres and literary trends;
  • watch screen adaptations and videos with interviews.

One of our rules is to select a slogan for the meeting from the books we read.

Who can be a member:

  • 16+

How often are the meetings:

We meet last Sunday of every month - at 14:00


Explore our collections
  • The Marvellous Republic of Komi
    Compiled and edited by Natalia Melnikova
  • Komi Highlights
    Elvira Kagantsova
  • Менам муза абу вуза / Ma muse n'est pas à vendre
    Ivan Kouratov
  • From the Cincinnati Reds to the Moscow Reds. The Memoirs of Irvin Weil
    Irvin Weil
  • On the Border of Language and Dialect. Studia Fennica Linguistica 21, 2018
    Edited by Marjatta Palander, Helka Riionheimo and Vesa Koivisto
  • Russian Settlement in the North
    Terence Armstrong
  • Biarmia. Komi eepos
    Žakov Kallistrat
  • In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts
    Eugen Ruge
  • One of Us. The Story of a Massacre and its Aftermath
    Ã…sne Seierstad
  • Albert Edelfelt and The Tales of Ensign StÃ¥l
    Marina Catani, Maritta Pitkanen, Marketta Tamminen
  • Komi Mythology
    N.D. Konakov
  • Hidden Rituals & Public Performances: Traditions & Belonging Among the Post-Soviet Khanty, Komi & Udmurts
    Anna-Leena Siikala and Oleg Ulyashev
  • Mostly Mittens. Traditional Knitting Patterns from Russia's Komi People
    Charlene Schurch
  • The Komi Republic by Motorcycle - an expedition to the northeastern corner of Europe
    Kenneth Mikko
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