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The National Library
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The Komi National Library provides information support, consultations and thematic training to patrons, individuals and businesses in four public centers:

  • Technology and Information Support Center;

  • Information and Marketing Center for Entrepreneurship;

  • Legal Information Center;

  • Information and Resource Center for Environmental Education.

Technology and Innovation Support Center


  • Manager: Liubov Fasakhova
  • Phone: +7 (8212) 255 422 (ext. 562)
  • Е-mail:  

In 2012 the Komi Republic joined a global initiative for establishment of technology and innovation support centers (TISCs) across the world. The project was launched by the World Intellectual Property Organization and endorsed by the Techno Patent Agency of the Russian Federation.

Services offered by our TISC:

  • consultations of the patent expert;
  • access to online patent and non-patent (scientific and technical) resources and IP-related publications;
  • training in searching and retrieving technology information;
  • workshops on patent-related topics.

 Paid services:

  • Drawing up of an application for registration of a trademark, invention, utility model, industrial design, computer software and/or database.

Information and Marketing Center for Entrepreneurship


  • Head of the center: Anna Vinogradova 
  • Phone: +7 (8212) 255 422 (ext.561)
  • Е-mail:

Services offered by IMCE:

  • expert advice on entrepreneurial activities;
  • access to the database of regulatory and technical documentation;
  • workshops on entrepreneurship.

Paid services:

  • preparation of income tax return declarations and filing them electronically, preparation of reporting statements to the State Pension Fund and Social Insurance Fund;
  • preparation of 3-NDFL (personal income tax) for social tax deductions from qualified medical expenses, tuition fees for education, purchase of residential property, declaring income from sale of property (a car, an apartment or house, land, shares etc).  

Legal Information Center



  • law reference systems: Consultant-Plus, Garant, Russian Legislation;
  • full-test online resources;
  • other Internet databases;
  • the complete collection of laws of the Russian Empire on DVD.
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Services offered by LIC:

  • assistance in finding laws, codes, orders, decrees and other regulatory documents;
  • access to case studies of judicial practice;
  • assistance in locating, filling in, printing and saving electronically of standard  documents (lease agreement, sale and purchase contract, petition to court, etc.);
  • referenced search of materials by topic in the online catalogue;
  • access to documents (publications) related to legal issues at our thematic exhibitions;
  • monthly talks on legal issues delivered by experts to the public where to can ask a question and suggest a topic for the next meeting;
  • legal consultation by e-mail ('Ask the lawyer' service) ;
  • face-to-face legal consultation (by appointment);
  • assistance in online registration at the state services portal;
  • individual or group training in information search using law reference systems (Consultant-Plus library system).

Paid services:

  • print and save documents electronically*;
  • reference list of literature on the requested legal topic.

Also available:

  • free Wi-Fi
  • access to full-text online resources

*in accordance with Part 4 of the Civil Code.

Information and Resource Center for Environmental Education



  • books, journals, online resources on sciences, including medical science and psychology;
  • reports, digests, bibliographies, handbooks and training manuals related to environmental issues;
  • eco-lounge of the Yugyd Va National Park – permanent exhibition of literature and reserved thematic meetings and activities at request.

Services offered by IRCE:

  • information on environmental issues, biology and other sciences, including medical science and psychology;
  • book loans for off-site and on-site use, free or with a deposit; 
  • meetings, workshops, disputes, lectures and other group activities;
  • Eco Club membership.

Also available:

  • computer workplace;
  • free Wi-Fi.

For paid services provided by the centers, please request the price rates using the contacts above.

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