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Literary Mafia

Mafia is a psychological team game created by students of the Moscow State University. This game offers an intellectual activity teaching you to analyze people's behaviour, gestures and verbal communication. As you play, you also learn to make assumptions, argue your point and compare opinions.

What you can expect at our meetings:

Every session of Literary Mafia is based on a famous work of fiction. The players identify themselves with characters of the book and stick to their roles up to the end. A game session evolves around a crime that needs to be investigated. The novels we have played by are 12 Chairs by I.Ilf and E.Petrov, The Night of Christmas Eve by N.Gogol, Harry Potter Series by J. Rowling. The session  devoted to the Day of the Arctic engages the plot and characters of Two Captains, an adventure novel by V.Kaverin.

Meetings are held on the first Sunday of the month.

Who can be a member:

Age: 14+


  • Club coordinator: Boris Dianov
  • Phone: +7 (8212) 24 15 36 (ext. 130)
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    • The Marvellous Republic of Komi
      Compiled and edited by Natalia Melnikova
    • Komi Highlights
      Elvira Kagantsova
    • Менам муза абу вуза / Ma muse n'est pas à vendre
      Ivan Kouratov
    • From the Cincinnati Reds to the Moscow Reds. The Memoirs of Irvin Weil
      Irvin Weil
    • On the Border of Language and Dialect. Studia Fennica Linguistica 21, 2018
      Edited by Marjatta Palander, Helka Riionheimo and Vesa Koivisto
    • Russian Settlement in the North
      Terence Armstrong
    • Biarmia. Komi eepos
      Žakov Kallistrat
    • In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts
      Eugen Ruge
    • One of Us. The Story of a Massacre and its Aftermath
      Ã…sne Seierstad
    • Albert Edelfelt and The Tales of Ensign StÃ¥l
      Marina Catani, Maritta Pitkanen, Marketta Tamminen
    • Komi Mythology
      N.D. Konakov
    • Hidden Rituals & Public Performances: Traditions & Belonging Among the Post-Soviet Khanty, Komi & Udmurts
      Anna-Leena Siikala and Oleg Ulyashev
    • Mostly Mittens. Traditional Knitting Patterns from Russia's Komi People
      Charlene Schurch
    • The Komi Republic by Motorcycle - an expedition to the northeastern corner of Europe
      Kenneth Mikko
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