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Péter Domokos Collection

Hungarian Philologist Péter Domokos and his Personal Library

Péter Domokos Collection in the Finno-Ugric Reading Room

Péter Domokos (1936 - 2014), a prominent linguist and philologist from Budapest, studied national literature of Uralic peoples. His major works focused on the history of literature in the Udmurt, Komi, Mari, Mordvinic and Chuvash languages. In over 300 publications, he disclosed common and distinctive features, interrelations and mutual influence of national literatures of about 20 ethnicities, from the national oral tradition to modern authors. 

In 2009, Péter Domokos presented his unique personal collection of about 4,550 items to the Komi National Library. The collection covers materials dated 1849-2008.

What does the collection include?

  • Books, journals, newspapers and CDs on ethnography, theory of literature, history, arts and crafts of Uralic peoples. Among them, there are rare and valuable editions of 19th and early 20th century;
  • scientific and educational literature in linguistics, particularly Hungarian language studies;
  • fiction and poetry of countries and regions of Uralic languages.

The collection is available in the Finno-Ugric Reading Room.

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