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Regional Online Projects

We would like to present the online projects implemented by the library team with an emphasis on local aspects of our activities. 

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Komi Republic Cultural Map

The site tells about the history, geography and culture of the Komi Republic in Russian, Komi and English (partly). It is recommended for school teachers and students as a source in regional studies. It also serves as a tourist guide across cities, districts and municipalities.

The site provides a brand map of Komi introducing tourist attractions, nature protected areas and local festivals. You can also learn about Komi folk lore, writers, composers, artists and architects.

In 2011 the M. A. Castrén Society (Finland) provided assistance for the project to promote cultural heritage of Uralic and Finno-Ugric peoples.

Currently the Komi Republic Cultural Map is being updated and completed with new sections and materials.


Literary journeys across the Komi Republic: interactive game

This is an online game that sends you to explore locations in Komi connected with the national Komi literature. As you read short informative articles and complete the tasks, you get to know more about important events, people and places in the history of the national literature.

The virtual map registers monuments, memorial plaques, buildings and streests named after writers of the Komi Republic: Ivan Kuratov, Viktor Savin, Nikolay Diakonov, Kallistrat Zhakov, Vasily Yukhnin and others.

The project is targeted at young readers and their parents, teachers of local history and literature and anyone who is interested in local culture.

In 2016 the Komi National Library received a grant from the Head of the Komi Republic for the project implementation.


Memorial Library: dedicated to the Great Victory

The site was developed in 2015 and is dedicated to the 70th anniversary since the end of World War II - the Great Patriotic War in Russian history.

In collaboration with municipal libraries, we collected photos and documents from family archives, soldiers' letters and newspaper articles from the war period. The digital collection serves to preserve the memory of the heroic past for younger generations.

The project was implemented with the financial assistance from the Head of the Komi Republic. 


Komi Republic and Big Cinema

With its majestic natural scenery, the Komi Republic more than once has been a fit location for film productions. The Komi Republic and Big Cinema tells about Russian movies that were shot in the region.

You can also learn about actors who originally come from Komi and screen adaptations based on Komi literature.

Alongside with the stories, the resource includes photos, fragments from films and media publications.

This resource was created in 2016, the Year of the Russian Cinema, and complements the Komi Republic Cultural Map project.


Bedtime stories for every family

This resource offers a collection of audio recordings of short stories and fairy-tales by popular authors from the Komi Republic and folk tales in two languages -Russian and Komi. You can enjoy the writers reading their own pieces in their mother tongue. 

The resource is intended as a family-friendly listening experience to help parents and children spend quality time together.

You don't need to download an audio book. Just click "play" and immerse in the events and character interaction of a story. The background music by Zarni An' folk band will carry you away into the world of fancy.

This project is aimed at popularizing local authors and national literature, promote learning of the Komi language and support interest in local culture.

The project was implemented in 2015, the Year of Literature in Russia, and was endorsed by the Komi Writers Union.


Guess-Read = Тöдмав-лыддьы

Guess-Read is an online game in Komi and Russian based on classical and modern Russian and foreign authors whose books have been translated into Komi. All these books were digitized during the project and their full texts are available in the National E-Library of the Komi Republic.

The game has three levels where you need to guess the title of a piece of writing by the key words, quoted excerpts and fragments of illustrations. The players are ranked by their score.

The project was funded by the Komi Ministry of National Policy.


Book Treasures of the Komi Republic

The site is devoted to antique and valuable materials in different collections of the Komi Republic.  It provides catalogues and descriptions of rare documents, manuscripts, music sheets,  books, journals, etc.

The objectives of the project are guided by the National Program for Preservation of Library Holdings. The scope of the project embraces detection, registration, preservation, use and study of unique items.


Museum of Reading Culture

The site presents a virtual tour of the exhibition of the Museum Of Reading Culture located in the Komi National Library. The thematic sections are: history of the language and writing of Komi; publishing industry in the Komi Republic (XX - XXI); history of the Komi National Library; Florenty Pavlenkov Libraries.

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