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27 September 2018
Mythological Heroes will Come Alive on the Map

27 September the National Library of Komi presented a mythological map based on Komi mythology and folklore - The Time of Heroes.

The presentation of the new online resource was opened with a fascinating sand show recreating a Komi fairy-tale and followed by a test on the Komi mythological characters for the young audience. The guests could also enjoy an exhibition of children's paintings depicting folklore subjects.

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The new multimedia resource is part of the Cultural Map of the Komi Republic, the project implemented by the library team since 2014. The mythology section was added in 2018 funded by a grant of the Head of the Komi Republic awarded for library project activities.

The National Library of Komi boasts a rich collection of books about the characters of Komi myths. There are fairy-tales for children and serious academic volumes. However, these books are not available to a wider public because of their small editions. The mythological map of Komi gives a unique opportunity to learn about the oral folk tradition online. The resource is intended not only for school children and students, but also teachers and parents. The content can be used to create contests, quizzes, and presentations with a regional colouring.

The Time of Heroes is an interactive map of the Komi Republic where every character is placed is their original location. For example, Кört-Аika wizard "resides' in Kortkeross; Giant Yag-Mort comes from the Pechora River basin, and  Shypicha sorcerer – from the mouth of the Sysola River where Ust-Sysolsk (now Syktyvkar) was built. 

The resource offers detailed information about each hero, including video materials, links to full texts, and recordings held in the National Electronic Library of the Komi Republic.

Currently the map contains stories about 27 heroes of Komi legends and the list of characters will be further extended.

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