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03 December 2021
Library Quiz Celebrates Dostoevsky's 200th Anniversary

This year, we celebrate an impressive anniversary - 200 years since the birth of Fyodor Dostoevsky, the greatest Russian novelist. It is a kind of a D-Day for Russian literature and a marathon of cultural events has been launched across the country to bring into spotlight his most acclaimed novels.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky is without exaggeration the most influential Russian writer, comparable in scale of his mighty talent only to Leo Tolstoy. Dostoevsky was a major influence for many prominent modern authors, including, for example, 2 Nobel prize winners - Orhan Pamuk and Gabriel Márquez.

The National Library of Komi has challenged the readers with a new team game based not only on Dostoevsky's works, but on numerous repercussions of his genius on culture. The library offers to have a look at Dostoevsky through the eyes of other writers, scientists, musicians and composers, film makers and artists.

The event gathered 10 teams, which is over 60 people. The participants' age ranged from 16 to 60. The game consisted of 6 rounds with 7 questions each. As the players of the game reported, it was not an easy journey. There were no questions in the category "no-brainer". The music questions were particularly tricky, but also particularly enjoyable.

The winners took home a king size cake provided by the sponsor of the event - the Syktyvkar bread-making factory.

Library quiz games are gaining popularity as an intellectual entertainment. People are happy to learn something new, test their knowledge and spend quality time with friends.

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