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07 September 2020
150,000 for a Podcast

Specialist of the National Library of the Komi Republic Ekaterina Mandrik is the winner of the grant supporting youth initiatives at the annual Tavrida ART Festival. The forum took part in the Crimea on 2 - 6 September.

The project presented by Ekaterina will focus on creating an educational podcast - Traveling in the Komi Republic with Famous People. A grant in the amount of 150,000 rubles is allocated as financial support to the project. The podcast will cover outstanding natural sites of the Komi Republic described in writings of renowned people who visited Komi in the past.

One example is artist Vasily Kandinsky, the leader of the abstractionist movement, who made an expedition to the village of Ust-Kulom in his exploits of the Komi-Zyryan legacy. This journey made a great impact on his vision as artist and changed his painting style beyond recognition. He recorded his impressions of the land and the people in his diary in 1889.

Russian novelist Mikhail Prishvin wrote a mystical story, Ship Forest Thicket, describing the Udora taiga in the Komi Republic. This will be the topic for one of the podcasts, related to Virgin forests of Komi. 

The first episode of the series of podcasts will be produced in April. 


The total of 150 projects competed for funding. 30 projects from 19 participating regions of Russia were granted financial support. The total granted amount was 15 million rubles. The youth initiatives included local tourist routes, film scripts, concepts for architectural agencies, establishment of regional art clusters and youth movements. The projects in the field or arts and culture were assessed by a board of experts from the creative industries and the Russian Federal Agency for Youth Affairs on Social Design.

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