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08 May 2020
Local Press in August 1943

Looking Forward to Your Letters

Za Noviy Sever, August 20, 1943

Translated by Natalya Ramenskaya

Dear comrades! My Motherland, once happy and flourishing Ukraine, is going through the dark days of cruel German slavery. I know nothing about my family or my friends.

However, if you live and work in the Soviet country, every corner feels like home. In the pre-war years, I used to live in the Komi Republic for several years. And this place has become as close and dear to me as my beloved Ukraine.

I am in the Active Red Army on one of the fronts of Soviet people’s struggle against the German invaders. I would like to know the news about the life and work of the Komi people, and to share my impressions with you about my life at the front. 

Write to me, my dear friends, more often about your daily tireless work which will be a valuable contribution to our common great cause devoted to the final defeat of the enemy.

Y. Kolpakov

Military post 73717-y.

The original text from Za Noviy Sever, August 20, 1943

Work Honestly and Selflessly

Za Noviy Sever, August 20, 1943

Translated by Alina Nesterova

Dear girls of my Homeland,

Not so long ago I worked in the far home-front. But my heart was anxious to go to a place where our heroic Red Army mercilessly destroys the Nazi invaders, leaving behind the corpses of Hitler’s soldiers and officers. And I went to the front as a volunteer fighter.

I have not had to participate in battles yet. I am studying to be a soldier. For excellent combat and political training, I have got four letters of gratitude from my military commanders. I have also been awarded the military rank of sergeant. The day is not far off when my artillery weapon will throw deadly shells at the enemy.

At the front, as nowhere else, you need speed and preciseness in your work. And I promise you, girls, to aim my gun at the target so that not a single shell is wasted.

Soviet girls have proved in practice that they can not only replace men in the home-front, but also fight shoulder to shoulder with them at the spearhead. But while the Homeland has not called you to stand up with weapons in your arms to defend it, work honestly and selflessly at your post. Remember, every extra part made by your hands, every extra pood of grain grown and harvested by you, hits hard the hated enemy and brings closer the hour of our victory.

Write to me, girls, and tell me how you are acquiring your military skills and how you work at your factory.

With warm greetings,

Sergeant A. Popova

Military post 73476 - G.

The original text from Za Noviy Sever, August 20, 1943

The translation above was made by graduate students of the Syktyvkar State University under the partnership project with the National Library of the Komi Republic implemented in February - April 2020. The project is dedicated to the 75th victory anniversary of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. 

Learn more about the project here


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