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06 May 2020
Local Press in September 1942

Joining Pre-October Emulation

Za Noviy Sever, September 22, 1942

Translated by Maya Mishchenko

Obyachevo, 21 (Our special correspondent). The collective farmers of the district ardently approve of the call from the workers and office workers of Lenin’s factory #70 named after Vladimir Ilyich to launch the pre-October socialist emulation. One by one, the collective farms of the district are joining the competition in honor of a dignified celebration of the XXVth anniversary of the Great October.

Having joined the pre-October emulation, members of the Kos’-Volok collective farm in Noshul Village Council, decided to mark the XXVth anniversary of the Great October by successful completion of all the crop cultivation field work and early implementation of the plan for the development of public animal livestock. They made a record of their resolution: to finish preparation of flax fiber and fulfill the obligations for all kinds of state-ordered supplies as well as to fulfill the cattle breeding plan by September 25. They undertook to finish grinding the wheat grain by October 1st. In addition, the collective farmers decided to allocate 20 kg of meat, 2 kg of butter and 2 kg of cheese to the Army Fund.

The Оstapovsky, Bronevik collective farms and others have also taken specific commitments in the pre-October socialist emulation.  

Members of the collective farms of the district are fighting their own war as true Bolsheviks for the successful fulfillment of the undertaken obligations. Thus, for example, workers in the Kos’-Volok collective farm under the chairmanship of comrade V. E. Rubtsov have already finished potato harvesting and flax fiber preparation. This work was also completed by the workers of the Bronevik collective farm in under the chairmanship of N. S. Zorin. Members of the Molotov collective farm, having successfully finished potato harvesting, built a team and sent it to the Belyaevsky collective farm to support harvesting.

Collective farms of the district actively participate in the competition for a worthy meeting of the XXV anniversary of the Great October and fulfill their obligations in a timely manner.

The original text from Za Noviy Sever, September 22, 1942

The translation above was made by graduate students of the Syktyvkar State University under the partnership project with the National Library of the Komi Republic implemented in February - April 2020. The project is dedicated to the 75th victory anniversary of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. 

More information about the project here


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