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30 July 2018
Komi by Motorcycle

15 years ago, in the summer of 2003, Swedish reporter Kenneth Mikko made an expedition across the Komi Republic. He bought a Russian-made second-hand motorcycle, IZH Planeta-5, and started his journey from Syktyvkar. In 2004 his book about the expedition was published in Russian and English.

At that time it was one of few popular books about Komi written in English. The Komi Republic had just joined the Barents Region cooperation embracing partners from northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and northwest Russia. The aim of the book was to present the Komi Republic to a wide audience overseas. 

Now the author is working on his new project that is going to be a book about north Russian philosophers. But his first publication will always remain among pioneer stories of the Komi land and people.

The Komi Republic by Motorcycle - an expedition to the northeastern corner of Europe
Kenneth Mikko
IN 46338и
Summer of 2003. An adventerous Swedish reporter goes on a motorcycle expedition to explore a big and fascinating region of Russia - the Komi Republic. Along the route he meets people of various jobs and occupations, faces challenges and takes loads of amazing photos. The result is this special book: a book of personal travel notes, stories from local historians, ethnographers and writers, historical and contemporary photographs. You can read the book in Russian, English and Finnish.
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