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Who Made the Magic Ring of Power

On 15 November, the National Library of Komi held a quiz game based on J. R. R. Tolkien's novels. It gathered the author's most loyal fans who competed in their knowledge of Tolkien's fantasy reality.

The quiz consisted of facts from Tolkien's trilogy, audio and video questions, and Internet memes that stirred quite a bit of laughter.

The most tricky question that puzzled the participants of the game was naming the region in New Zealand where the famous Hobbiton Movie Set is located. In fact, it is the Waikato region where you can take a tour of the lush scenery and plunge into the movie magic.

The quiz game ended in absolute victory of two teams: Khatul Madan and Back and Forth. The heroes of the day did not only demonstrate amazing knowledge of Tolkien's trivia, but also in-depth understanding of the characters.

The library quiz game is becoming a popular intellectual entertainment for book lovers in Syktyvkar. The next game is scheduled for 19 December. The topic of the game has not been revealed yet.

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