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The National Library
of the Komi Republic
A smart library for the knowledge-based society
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Acquisition and Cataloguing


Objectives and Activities:

  • formation of a universal stock of documents in accordance with the mission, profile and objectives of the library, to assist economic development of the region, and satisfy information needs of all categories of users;
  • acquisition, registration and formation of the printed national depository of the Komi people, documents on regional studies and local history by preserving a compulsory library copy;
  • regular acquisitions of socially significant literature and donated literature for holdings of libraries in the Komi Republic.

Exchange and reserve stock

The exchange and reserve library stock was established to ensure sharing and exchange of surplus duplicates. There are over 16,000 books in stock: classical and modern Russian and foreign authors, fiction, popular non-fiction and materials on Komi regional studies and local history.

At out department you can get the information about:

  • our book exchange shelves located in Kirov Park, railway and coach stations in Syktyvkar and our summer free markets;
  • donation of books to the library;
  • providing of a compulsory library copy of a newly published book or document to the library depository - information for publishing houses and organizations;
  • books offered for exchange as surplus copies of the library.
  • Resources

    Online catalogues:

    Index card catalogues:

    • general alphabetic catalogue (for internal use);
    • readers' alphabetic catalogue;
    • thematic index catalogue for regional libraries;
    • thematic index catalogue for readers.

    All the index card catalogues, apart from the general alphabetic catalogue, are located in the hall on the first floor. 

    Readers can search catalogues on their own or request the librarian's assistance.

    Support for professional librarians:

    • seminars and trainings in cataloguing for beginners;
    • on demand consultations in cataloguing;
    • checking of the quality of online catalogues;
    • assistance in correct indexing of new editions.
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    Explore our collections
    • The Marvellous Republic of Komi
      Compiled and edited by Natalia Melnikova
    • Komi Highlights
      Elvira Kagantsova
    • Менам муза абу вуза / Ma muse n'est pas à vendre
      Ivan Kouratov
    • From the Cincinnati Reds to the Moscow Reds. The Memoirs of Irvin Weil
      Irvin Weil
    • On the Border of Language and Dialect. Studia Fennica Linguistica 21, 2018
      Edited by Marjatta Palander, Helka Riionheimo and Vesa Koivisto
    • Russian Settlement in the North
      Terence Armstrong
    • Biarmia. Komi eepos
      Žakov Kallistrat
    • In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts
      Eugen Ruge
    • One of Us. The Story of a Massacre and its Aftermath
      Ã…sne Seierstad
    • Albert Edelfelt and The Tales of Ensign StÃ¥l
      Marina Catani, Maritta Pitkanen, Marketta Tamminen
    • Komi Mythology
      N.D. Konakov
    • Hidden Rituals & Public Performances: Traditions & Belonging Among the Post-Soviet Khanty, Komi & Udmurts
      Anna-Leena Siikala and Oleg Ulyashev
    • Mostly Mittens. Traditional Knitting Patterns from Russia's Komi People
      Charlene Schurch
    • The Komi Republic by Motorcycle - an expedition to the northeastern corner of Europe
      Kenneth Mikko
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