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The National Library
of the Komi Republic
A smart library for the knowledge-based society
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How to become a reader?

1. You can become a reader from the age of 14 whether you are a citizen of the Russian Federation or not. The same library policies apply for foreign citizens.

2. You can apply for a library card during the openinig hours at the Reader's Registration Desk directly at the library. From 5 March 2018, readers get an electronic library card with an individual barcode.

To issue a library card you need to:

- bring your passport;

- fill in the registration form;

- pay 40 rubles for the card. Payment is by cash or bank card.

3. If you still have an old paper library card, you can exchange it for the plastic one paying 40 rubles at the desk.

4. If you lose your library card, it can be replaced for 100 rubles.

5. You can also apply for a library card online filling in the form below. Online registration gives you free access only to the electronic resources of the library. Please pick up your library card at the Reader's Registration Desk the first time you come to the library.

You can borrow books and other materials for on-site or off-site use only directly at the library. We do not deliver requested materials. All loans are free.

Please make sure you have your library card with you every time you visit us.

For any questions, please contact the Reader's Registration Desk: +7 (8212) 24 20 04 (ext.106)

Explore our collections
  • The Marvellous Republic of Komi
    Compiled and edited by Natalia Melnikova
  • Komi Highlights
    Elvira Kagantsova
  • Менам муза абу вуза / Ma muse n'est pas à vendre
    Ivan Kouratov
  • From the Cincinnati Reds to the Moscow Reds. The Memoirs of Irvin Weil
    Irvin Weil
  • On the Border of Language and Dialect. Studia Fennica Linguistica 21, 2018
    Edited by Marjatta Palander, Helka Riionheimo and Vesa Koivisto
  • Russian Settlement in the North
    Terence Armstrong
  • Biarmia. Komi eepos
    Žakov Kallistrat
  • In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts
    Eugen Ruge
  • One of Us. The Story of a Massacre and its Aftermath
    Ã…sne Seierstad
  • Albert Edelfelt and The Tales of Ensign StÃ¥l
    Marina Catani, Maritta Pitkanen, Marketta Tamminen
  • Komi Mythology
    N.D. Konakov
  • Hidden Rituals & Public Performances: Traditions & Belonging Among the Post-Soviet Khanty, Komi & Udmurts
    Anna-Leena Siikala and Oleg Ulyashev
  • Mostly Mittens. Traditional Knitting Patterns from Russia's Komi People
    Charlene Schurch
  • The Komi Republic by Motorcycle - an expedition to the northeastern corner of Europe
    Kenneth Mikko
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